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Computer lab


Whether using desktops or laptops, Macs or PCs, the Computer lab remains the centre for most computing activity guided by our experienced Computer Specialists. In addition, the lab is equipped for creating technology-based projects in any given subject.
Library room


Our school library is well equipped to give students free access to a wealth of information compiled together by very competent librarians. We are committed to developing engaged readers and lifelong learners who gather, evaluate and use information to create new knowledge.
Sick Bay
Sick bay
Shamrock Prerna
Wellness Room, known to some as the Sick Bay is fully stocked with the necessary medicines and first aid equipment to ensure that all emergencies are dealt with in the best possible way. Parents are informed of any serious injury and are contacted if a doctor or hospital visit is advised.


At SPS, teachers are dedicated to holistic development: academic excellence as well as personal, social and moral development of our children.