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Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1. 3×10000+0×1000+8×100+0×10+7×13×10000+0×1000+8×100+0×10+7×1 is same as
(A) 30087
(B) 30807
(C) 3807
(D) 3087

Question 2. 1 billion is equal to
(A) 100 millions
(B) 10 millions
(C) 1000 lakhs
(D) 10000 lakhs

Question 3. Which of the following numbers in Roman Numerals is incorrect?
(C) LC

Fill in the blanks

Question 4. In Indian System of Numeration, the number 61711682 is written, using commas, as __________

Question 5. The smallest 4 digit number with different digits is __________ .

True or false:

Question 6. The number 58963 rounded off to nearest hundred is 58900.
Question 7. LXXV is greater than LXXIV.

Solve following Problems

Question 8. Population of Agra and Aligarh districts in the year 2001 was 36,20, 436 and 29,92,286, respectively. What was the total population of the two districts in that year?

Question 9. In one state, the number of bicycles sold in the year 2002-2003 was 7,43,000. In the year 2003-2004, the number of bicycles sold was 8,00,100. In which year were more bicycles sold? and how many more?

Question 10. The town newspaper is published every day. One copy has 12 pages. Everyday 11,980 copies are printed. How many total pages are printed everyday?

Question 11. The number of sheets of paper available for making notebooks is 75,000. Each sheet makes 8 pages of a notebook. Each notebook contains 200 pages. How many notebooks can be made from the paper available?

Question 12. Insert comas in appropriate place and write following numbers according to Indian and international system.

Question 13. Make the greatest and the smallest 4-digit numbers using any four different digits, with conditions as given. (Note: – the digits should not repeat.)
(a) Digit 5 is always at one’s place
(b) Digit 1 is always at tens place

Question 14. Fill in the blanks:
(a) 1 crore = _______ millions
(b) 10 lakh = _______ten thousands
(c) ten million = _______lakh
(d) one hundred thousand = ______ lakh

Question 15. Write the numbers for the following number names and insert comas at proper places.
(a) Five lakh one hundred twenty-one
(b) Eighty crore six thousand fifty-three
(c) Ninety-three lakh eight thousand seven
(d) forty-eight million five thousand two hundred five
(e) Eight million seven thousand five

Question 16. Which of these is the greatest number?
(a) 38926 ones
(b) 4905 tens
(c) 3450 hundreds
(d) 210 thousands

Question 17. Answer the following questions
(a) What comes just after 2779999?
(b) What comes just before 1110000?
(c) What comes just before 10011000?

Question 18. The estimated difference of 43,209 and 3,479 by rounding off to the nearest hundred is ____________________

Question 19. Arrange the following numbers in descending order:
(a) 12098, 12980, 12890, 12089
(b) 2008909, 299088, 2000899, 298099

Question 20. Write the numeral and expanded form for the following number name:
(a) Five million two hundred thousand and fifty
(b) Two crore two lakh two thousand two hundred and two
(c) Ten crore twenty thousand eight
(d) Eighty-five lakh six hundred twelve
(e) Thirty-Eight million one hundred thousand and Eight

Question 21. Interchange the digits in hundreds and tens place in the number 54,150. Can you tell if the value of new number will increase or decrease and by how much?


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