Class – IV Subject – S.St Chapter – 2 ( Agriculture ) Day 4







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Class – IV Subject – S.St Chapter – 2 ( Agriculture ) Day 4

Classwork Assignment

A – Answer the following questions :-

Q1. Define agriculture.

Ans – Most of the food we eat comes from crops grown by farmers. This process of growing crops is called agriculture. It is the one of the most important occupations of India.

Q2. Define types of crops grown every year in India.

Ans – Two types of crops are grown every year in India :-

  1. The Kharif crop is sown after the first rain in July. Rice , Maize, jute and cotton are kharif crops.

  2. The Rabi crop is sown in winter and harvested in spring. Pulses and wheat are Rabi crops.

Q3. Define the following :-

  1. Food Crops – Food crops are those which grown to feed the people of India. Rice, wheat, millets and different types of pulses are food crops.

  2. Cash Crops – Some crops are cultivated and sold for money. These are called cash crops. Cotton , jute , sugarcane , oilseeds etc are cash crops.

  3. Dairy Farming – When cows. buffaloes and bullocks are reared for milk and milk based products such as curd , cheese , butter and ghee it is called dairy farming.

Q4. Name the following :-

  1. Rice-producing states – West Bengal , Assam , Jharkhand , Bihar , Andhra Pradesh , Tamil Nadu , Kerala.

  2. Spices-producing states – Karnataka and Kerala

  3. Millets-producing states – Rajasthan , Gujarat , Karnataka , Andhra Pradesh , Bihar , Telangana

  4. Wheat-producing states – Punjab , Haryana , Uttar Pradesh , Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.

Homework Assignment

Complete ques-ans of Ch – 2.

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