Monthly Unit Test – III







Kamlesh P Misra


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Monthly Unit Test – III


Session – 2021-22

Monthly Unit Test – III


Class – IV

Q1. Multiple choice questions:-  (3)

(A). Our clothes should:

  1. be suited to the kind of work we do
  2. be suited to weather conditions
  3. make us look good
  4. All of these

(B). Which of these is not a natural fiber?

  1. Cotton                b. Wool                       c. Silk.                          d. Nylon

(C). For whom out of the following are white clothes best?

  1. Factory worker.           b. Doctors                  c. Soldier.                    d. School children

(D). Plants growing in which of these environments store water in their bodies?

  1. Deserts.                       b. Mountains              c. Water                      d. Hot and wet forest

(E). Which of these plants trap and eat insects?

  1. All plants                  b. Mushroom             c. pitcher plant            d. Mosquito bush

(F). Which of these trees does not shed its leaves in winter?

  1. Mango                            b. Banyan                   c. Teak.                       d. Sheesham


Q2. Name these:- (4)

(a)Two natural fibres ________________________

(b) Two synthetic fibres ______________________

(c) Type of cloth best suited for hot weather ________________

(d) Plants growing on land ___________________


Q3. Put ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false:- (2)

(a). In the pine tree , seeds are produced in cones and not in flowers.

(b). All plants have chlorophyll.

(c). Spines protect plants form animals.

(d). Synthetic fibers are made from plants.


Q4. Where are these plants normally found? (4)

(a). Lotus ________________

(b). Cactus ________________

(c). Banyan _________________

(d). Mango ____________________


Q5. Name one plant in each case:- (3)

(a). Desert plants ___________________________

(b). Plants growing in warm plains _________________________

(c). Plants that protect themselves with spines _________________________


Q6. Answer the following questions:- ( any 2)  (4)

(a) What do plants need to survive? 

(b) Why are cotton clothes preferred in summers? 

 ( c) Why do roots of Mangrove trees have difficulty in getting air? 

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