Revision Of Chapter – 14







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Revision Of Chapter – 14

Revision Assignment


1. Draw a circle of radius 5.6cm
2. With the same centre O, draw two circles of radii 5cm and 2.5cm
3. Draw any circle and mark points P, Q and R such that
a) P is on the circle
b) Q is in the interior of the circle.
c) R is in the exterior of the circle.
4. Draw any line segment . Mark any point B on it. Through B, draw a
perpendicular to .
5. Draw of length 8.3cm and find its axis of symmetry.
6. Draw a line segment of length 10.5cm and construct its perpendicular
7. With of length 6.2cm as diameter, draw a circle.
8. Draw a circle of radius 4.5cm. Draw any two of its chords. Construct the
perpendicular bisectors of these chords. Where do they meet.
9. Draw a line segment of length 10.8cm. Using compasses, divide it into four
equal parts . Verify by actual measurement.
10.Draw the perpendicular bisector of whose length is 8.3cm
a) Take any point P on the bisector drawn. Examine whether PA = PB
b) If M is the mid point of , what can you say about the length of MA
and MB?
12.Draw a right angle and construct its bisector.
13.Draw an angle of measure 152° and divide into four equal parts
16.Construct with ruler and compasses, angles of following measures.
a) 60°
b) 120°
c) 90°
d) 45°
e) 15°
f) 30°
17.Draw a circle and any two of its diameter. What is the figure obtained ?
What figure is obtained if the diameter are perpendicular to each other



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