Chapter – 7 Fractions Exercise 7.2







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Chapter – 7 Fractions Exercise 7.2

Chapter – 7

Exercise- 7.2


Complete this exercise in notebook.

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Revision Assignment

1. Draw a circle of radius 5.6cm
2. With the same centre O, draw two circles of radii 5cm and 2.5cm
3. Draw any circle and mark points P, Q and R such that
a) P is on the circle
b) Q is in the interior of the circle.
c) R is in the exterior of the circle.
4. Draw any line segment . Mark any point B on it. Through B, draw a
perpendicular to .
5. Draw of length 8.3cm and find its axis of symmetry.
6. Draw a line segment of length 10.5cm and construct its perpendicular
7. With of length 6.2cm as diameter, draw a circle.
8. Draw a circle of radius 4.5cm. Draw any two of its chords. Construct the
perpendicular bisectors of these chords. Where do they meet.
9. Draw a line segment of length 10.8cm. Using compasses, divide it into four
equal parts . Verify by actual measurement.
10.Draw the perpendicular bisector of whose length is 8.3cm
a) Take any point P on the bisector drawn. Examine whether PA = PB
b) If M is the mid point of , what can you say about the length of MA
and MB?
11.Draw an angle of measure 1370 and construct its bisector.
12.Draw a right angle and construct its bisector.
13.Draw an angle of measure 1520 and divide into four equal parts
14.Draw an angle of measure 600 and bisect it.
15.Draw an angle of measure 1500 and bisect it.
16.Construct with ruler and compasses, angles of following measures.
2 I/Math/SA2/2012
a) 600
b) 1200
c) 900
d) 450
e) 150
f) 300
17.Draw a circle and any two of its diameter. What is the figure obtained ?
What figure is obtained if the diameter are perpendicular to each other



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