Class -3 Subject -English -1 Unit Test -1







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Class -3 Subject -English -1 Unit Test -1

Shamrock Prerna School

Class -3

Subject -English I

Unit Test -1

Max. Marks – 10

Q1 〉  Tick  (√)the  correct answer.                                      (½×4=2)

1. Patrick did not do his homework because he

  1.    went out to play

  2.    could not do it

  3.    hated doing his homework

2. The first thing written in Toad’s list was

  1. wake up

  2. get out of bed

  3. get dressed

3. When the story begins, Toad is in

  1. his bedroom

  2. the bathroom

  3. Frog’s house

4. Patrick felt lucky to meet the elf because

  1. he had a companion to play with

  2. the elf would do his homework

  3. his cat had a new toy


Q2 〉 Who said the following in the story?                  (½×2=1)

  1. Too boring  _________ .

  2. Go to the library ,I need books _________.


Q3 〉 Match the masculine gender with the feminine gender.              (¼×4=1)

1. dog

 a) niece

2. king

b) peahen


c) bitch

4. nephew

d) queen


Q4 〉Arrange the given words in alphabetical order:- ( 1)

  1. toad




  2. rain




Q5〉 Write True / False:- (½)

  1. Toad ran behind his list to catch it.

  2. Toad and Frog were good friends.

Q6) Answer the following.     (any 3)       (1×3=3)

1.What was the last thing on Toad’s list? How did Toad finally  remember it ?

2. Why do you think Patrick hated doing his home work?

3. In what ways did Patrick change with the coming of the elf?

4. What did Toad feel about the list flying away? Why could not he chase his list?


Q7 〉  Word Meanings:- (any 6)           (¼×6=1½)

1) Toad

2) frowned

3) yelled

4) tiniest

5) grabbed

6) wrinkled

7 ) heading


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