Class-3 Subject -English Unit Test-2







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Class-3 Subject -English Unit Test-2

Shamrock Prerna School

Unit Test  -2

Class – 3

Subject – English



Q.1)Write True or False.   (¼×4=1)

  1. The Ice cream  Man comes in summers.
  2.  The Ice cream Man also sells fizzy drinks.
  3. A lot of children gather around the Ice cream Man’s cart.
  4. The Icecream has pots of roses and sweet peas in his cart.

Q.2) Rearrange the letters to find the describing words.(½×4=2)

  1. ravbe –
  2. oudlyc –
  3. eautibluf –
  4. pytme –

Q.3)Answer the following questions.   (1×4=4)

  1. Who suggested Anna keep a diary and why?
  2. Name the different flavours of ice cream the Ice cream Man has in his cart.
  3. What had Anna noted about Mrs James’ house in her diary ?
  4. Why is the Ice cream Man’s joyful sight to see?
  5.  Why do you think Mrs James called Anna a clever girl?

Q.4) Write word meanings:- (any 4)  ( ½×4=2)

  1. mounds-
  2. puzzled-
  3. grumbled-
  4. brick’s a blaze of heat-
  5. exciting –

Q.5) Rewrite the following sentences using the correct pronoun in the place of the underlined words.(½×8=4)

  1. Ram and I ate a lots of toffees.
  2. My mom told me about the function.
  3. The fairy gave him his wishes.
  4. Our teachers tells us nice stories.
  5. Rahul and Rehan are good friends.
  6. Shyam is my best friend.
  7. My brother’s pencil is lost.
  8. I made birthday cards for my relatives .

 Q.6) Underline the verbs in the following sentences.(½×6=3)

  1. Please, close the door..
  2. Neha was clapping her hands.
  3. Sonu is a good girl.
  4. The players are strong.
  5. Renu is eating her lunch.
  6. A doctor treats patients.

 Q.7) Change the gender of the following nouns.  (½×8=4)

  1. nephew-
  2. vixen-
  3. bachelor-
  4. earl-
  5. bride-
  6. heroine-
  7. gentlemen-
  8. heir-





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