Class – 4 Chapter – 2 Book Exercises & Ques / Ans

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Class – 4 Chapter – 2 Book Exercises & Ques / Ans

Chapter – 2

Classwork Assignment

Book Exercises




Homework Assignment

Do the ques/ans in notebook.

Q1. What was the Raja’s decree?

Ans. The Raja’s decree was that people had to give all their extra rice to him.

Q2.Why did the Raja not open his Royal storehouse to the people as promised?

Ans. The Raja did not open his royal storehouse to the people as promised because he believed that it was their duty to ensure that their Raja did not go hungry.

Q3. What did the Bholi demand as reward?

Ans. The reward Bholi demanded was a grain of rice on the first day that was to be doubled every day for thirty days.

Q4. What did the Raja promise Bholi at the end of the story?

Ans. At the end of the story, the Raja promised Bholi that he would take only that much rice which he needed.

Q5. The Raja believe that he was “wise and fair”. Do you agree? Why or why not?

Ans. Raja was not at all wise and fair because he kept all the rice for himself and did not share it with his people even at the time of a famine.

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