Class-4 Subject -Computer Unit Test-2







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Class-4 Subject -Computer Unit Test-2

Shamrock Prerna School


Unit Test -2

M. M=10

Q.1)Tick (√) the correct option.    (¼×3=¾)

1.Devices which take inputs from users are called ______ devices.

  • storage
  • none
  • input
  • output

2. Voltmeter is an example  of a ______ computer.

  • digital
  • hybrid
  • analog
  • all of these

3. CPU is a ______  device.

  • processing
  • output
  • input
  • storage

Q. 2) Fill in the blanks.   (¼×2=½)

  1. The ______ are the biggest and the most powerful computers.
  2. _______ is the main processing device of the computer.

Q. 3) Write T for true and F for false statements.  (¼×3=¾)

  1. The full form of CPU is Central Power Unit.
  2. The supercomputers are the most powerful computers.
  3. Printer is an input device of a computer.

Q.4) Define the following.   (1×4=4)

  1. Minicomputer
  2. Hybrid Computer
  3. Supercomputers
  4. Digital Computers

Q.5) Answer the following questions.   (2×2=4)

  1. What is a computer?
  2. What are input and output devices?

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