Class- 4 Subject- English 1 Chapter- 2 Mother Teresa







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Class- 4 Subject- English 1 Chapter- 2 Mother Teresa

Classwork Assignment

Chapter- 2

Mother Teresa

Homework Assignment

Write questions and answers in your note book.

Q.1-Briefly write about Mother Teresa’s early life.

Ans. Mother Teresa was born on August 26,1910 in Skopje, Albania as Gonxha Agnes Bojaxhiu. Her father died when
she was a little girl, causing many hardships; but her mother supported the family with a fabric business she ran from home. From the time she was a little  girl ,Gonxha wanted to help the poor. She heard stories of people who helped others. She decided to become a missionary when she was 12.

Q.2- What did Mother Teresa do when she was 18? What made her to do so?
Ans . She joined the Sisters of Loreto as a nun when she was 18 and took the name Mary Teresa.

Q. 3- Why did Mother Teresa stop teaching at St Mary’s High School?
Ans. Mother Teresa decided to give up teaching and work towards reducing the suffering of the poor. She wanted to help those who had no one to help them—the sick people, abandoned children and the homeless.

Q. 4- What did Mother Teresa and the nuns  do to help the orphans?
Ans. Mother Teresa and the nuns, who helped her, opened over fifty homes for orphans.

Q. 5- When did Mother Teresa receive the Nobel Prize for Peace?
Ans . Mother Teresa received the Nobel Prize in 1979 .

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