Class-4 Subject-English 1 Chapter-5 Robots

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Class-4 Subject-English 1 Chapter-5 Robots

Classwork Assignment



Homework Assignment

Write question and answers in your english noteb book.

Answer the following questions.

Q.1-What are ‘robots’? How did they get their name?

Ans . Robots are machines controlled by computers. They get their name from the Czech word ‘robota’ which means ‘tedious labour’ or hard work.

Q.2- What are grippers? What function do they perform?

Ans. Grippers are robots that look like a human hand and they can handle tools or move things around.

Q.3- What are the tasks robots do better than humans?

Ans . Robots handle chemicals that are dangerous for humans to touch. They go to dangerous places like the top of volcanoes and burning buildings without feeling scared. They can go deep underwater to search for sunken ships or look for minerals to mine. They are quicker than human beings, and never get bored.

q,4- How do robots perform a function?

Ans . Computer programmers write a programme to give the robot a series of instructions for carrying out a task. The computer inside the robot has a memory which remembers these instructions and makes the robot perform the function.


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