Class -4 Subject – English II Unit Test -1

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Class -4 Subject – English II Unit Test -1

Shamrock Prerna School

Class -4

Subject- English II

Unit Test -1

M. Marks – 10

 Q.1) Read the passage and answer the questions. (½×6=3)



Q.2) Underline the nouns .   (¼×4=1)

Q.3) Circle the correct words in these sentences. (¼×4=1)

  1. I made some /much vegetables soup.

  2. I have  some/ many money in my bag.

  3. Does she have many /an friends?

  4. I will have few/some milk before I go to bed.

Q.4) Write (C) for countable noun( UC )for uncountable noun.                                                                                                                   (¼×1=1)

  1. milk

  2. books

  3. salt

  4. spoon

Q.5)Circle the proper noun and underline the common noun from the following sentences.             (½×4=2)

  1. Kanika was going to school.

  2. Ganga is a holy river.

  3. Niti is a famous dancer.

  4. Lata teaches in a college.

Q.6)Write an application to the Principal of your school for taking two days leave as you were ill .                                     ( 2)

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