Class -4 Subject -English Unit Test-2







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Class -4 Subject -English Unit Test-2

Shamrock Prerna School


Unit Test-2


Q.1 ) Write ( T)for true and (F) for false sentences.    (½×4=2)

  1. The ant helped the cricket.
  2. Plants do not eat animals.
  3. Plants do not need food.
  4. The cricket sang through the summer.

Q.2 ) Tick (√ ) the correct answer.     (¼×2=½)

  1. Plants need _______  to make food.
  • Salt from soil, water and animal blood
  • Sunlight, water and salt from soil
  • insects, air and sunlight

2. Which part of the plant produce food?

  • the leaf
  • the root
  • the flower

Q. 3 ) Write rhyming words.    (¼×1=1)

  1. Grain
  2. Wicket
  3. Found
  4. Ant


Q. 4 )  Answer the following questions.(any 5)     (1×5=5)

  1. What did the cricket’s  condition when he met the ant?
  2. Why do flies go to to Venus flytrap?
  3. How do plants make their food?
  4. What did the ant suggest to the cricket?
  5. How are insects digested by plants?
  6. What kind of  animals do plants eat?

Q. 5 ) Word  meanings. (any 6)    (¼×6=1½)

  1. beads
  2. shoots
  3. miserly
  4. accustomed
  5. hastily
  6. marshes
  7. borrow


Q.6)Change the gender of the noun and pronoun and rewrite these sentences.      (½×4=2)

  1. The goose belongs to the emperor.
  2. The little girl is looking at the cow.
  3. The wizard shut the old man in a cave.
  4. We seen lion and fox in the  zoo.

Q.7 )Underline the adjective in these sentences.    (¼×8=4)

  1. These kites are colourful.
  2. Ram is a good singer.
  3. Priya is an airline pilot .
  4. Sheila has a sweet voice.
  5. Indian tea is famous all over the world.
  6. Which pen do you prefer?
  7. There are six boys in the library.
  8. The Russian language is not easy to learn.

Q.8  )Fill in the correct degree of adjectives from the brackets.(¼×10=2½)

  1. Nidhi is ______than any other girl in the class.         (  tall)
  2. Varun is _____ than Raju .       ( old)
  3. Harish is the _____ employee  of  his company.    (old)
  4. Diamond is _______  than glass.    (hard)
  5. Shimla was the ______  city.   ( cold)
  6. Asha is a  _____  singer than Mala.        ( best )
  7. Ishfaq is _______  than   Imran.      (clever)
  8. She is ______  than her sister.         (wise)
  9. Silver is   _______   than gold.   (light)
  10. Nights are _____ in winter.   (long)

Q.9)Underline the suitable gender in the sentences and write their types.     (¼×6=1½)

  1. The lion is the king of the forest.
  2. The princess wore a crown.
  3. Tina is my sister.
  4. The hero acted perfectly.
  5. I got a gift from my brother this morning.
  6. The cow gives us milk.

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