Class -5 Subject -English 1 Unit Test -1

English I






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Class -5 Subject -English 1 Unit Test -1

Shamrock Prerna School

Class -5

Subject -English -1

Unit Test -1


Q.I)Choose the correct alternative:    (¼×2=½)

  1. What does ‘hand in hand ‘mean in the song?

  • walking down the street
  • a parade
  • making a trip
  • unitedly

2. What does ‘deep in my heart ‘mean?

  • what I think
  • what I strongly feel
  • what I like
  • what I something hope

Q.2)- Write T for True and F  for False for the following statements:(¼×4=1)

  1. Evening is the best time to do pranayam.
  2. The truth shall make us free someday.
  3. We shall never overcome.
  4. They saw some people postures in the middle of the park. 

Q.3) Complete the following sentences.  (¼×6=1½)

  1. Kumbhak is ____________.
  2. With confidence, we can __________ our fears.
  3. Rechak is _____________.
  4. Poorak is ____________.
  5. In the “Tricolour” white colour stands for ______.
  6. I always speak the ________.

Q.4)- Write Word Meanings:- (any six)                 (½×6=3)

  1.  extension
  2. track
  3. comfortably
  4. peace
  5. seek
  6. pose
  7. reduce

Q.5)-Write answers to the following questions:     (any 4)         (1×4=4)

(1) What is ‘Pranayam’?
(2) Which line in the song tells you that the poet is not living peacefully at present?
(3) How do you close your right nostril while doing ‘Rechak’?

(4) Why does  the poet say, ” We are not afraid ?”

(5) What are the benefits of Pranayam?




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