class -6 Subject -English -1 Chapter-9 Desert Animals

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class -6 Subject -English -1 Chapter-9 Desert Animals

Classwork Assignment

Chapter- 9

Desert Animals

Taught page no 112-116.

Homework Assignment

Write word meanings of chapter-9 in note book.

Write question and answer in your note book.

Answer the following questions.

(i) How do desert animals survive without water?
Desert animals have to find ways of coping with harsh conditions. For example, gerbils cool themselves in underground burrows. The beetels catch moisture on their legs.

(ii) How do mongooses kill snakes?
Mongooses act swiftly each time snakes strike. They cause trouble to snake until it is tired and then they attack it. They are famous for killing snakes without getting hurt themselves.

(iii) How does the hump of the camels help them to survive when there is no water?
The hump helps the camels to survive in the desert by acting as storage containers. The fats stored in it nourish the camels when food is scarce. The camels can survive without water for many months.

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