Class- 6 Subject- English Chapter-10 The Banyan Tree

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Class- 6 Subject- English Chapter-10 The Banyan Tree

Classwork Assignment


The Banyan Tree

Taught page no 128- 131 in book.

Homework Assignment

Write question and answer in your note book.

Answer the following questions.

“It was to be a battle of champions.”

(i) What qualities did the two champions have? Pick out words and phrases from the paragraph

Mongoose – Cobra
(a) – (a)
(b) – (b)
(C) – (c)
Mongoose – Cobra
(a) A super – (a) Skilled and fighter experienced fighter
(b) Clever – (b) Strike with the speed of light
(c) Aggressive – (c) Fangs were full of poison

(ii) What did the cobra and the mongoose do, to show their readiness for the fight?
The cobra produced a hissing sound an moved his tongue in and out to challenge the mongoose, It raised itself off the ground and spread its broad hood. The mongoose moved his tail and the long hair on his spine stood up.

Question 2.
Who were the other two spectators? What did they do? (Did they watch or did they join In the fIght?)
Apart from the author, the two spectators were a myna and a jungle crow. First, they sat on the cactus to watch the outcome of the fight. Later, they tried thrice to take part In the proceedings and dived at the cobra, but failed. The crow died at the end after the cobra attacked it. The mongoose dragged the dead snake into the bush and the myna flew away.

4.(i) What happened to the crow in the end? 

Ans. (i) In the end, the crow got bitten by the cobra and it fell dead.

(ii) What did the myna do finally?
(ii) The myna flew to the ground, looked into the bushes, gave a shrill cry and flew away.


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