Class-6 Subject -English Unit Test -2







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Class-6 Subject -English Unit Test -2

Shamrock Prerna School

Class -6


Unit Test -2


Name –

Q.1)  Mark the right item.        (¼×3=¾)

  1. Taro decide to an extra money

  • to live a more comfortable life.

  • to buy his old father some sake.

  • to repair the cracks in the hut.

2. The neighbour left Taro’s hut in a hurry because

  • she was delighted with the drink.

  • she was astonished to hear Taro’s story.

  • she wanted to tell the whole village about the waterfall.

3. ”This made Taro  sadder than ever .”

this word refers to

  • a strong wind that began to blow.

  • taro’s father old age.

  • Taro’s inability to buy expensive  sake for his father.

Q.2) Answer the following.                                                  (1× 3=3)

  1. Why did waterfall give Taro sake and others water?

  2. How did Taro run in the direction of the stream ?

  3. Find out the meanings of these words.

  • falls

  • climbs

  • snaps

  • flaps

Q.3) Now complete these sentences about your house and home.   (1×2=2)

My  house is _________________________.

The best things about my home is __________________.

Q.4) Fill in the blanks.   (¼×3=¾)

  1. He began to chop even ____.

  2. This made Taro ____ than ever .

  3. He decided to work ____ than before.

  Q.5) Write word meanings. (any 6)             (½×6=3)

  1. tricked

  2. intended

  3. cracks

  4. expensive

  5. chopped

  6. delicious

  7. sent for

Q.6)  Change the following into negative sentences.  (¼×8=2)

  1. I shall complete my work .

  2. He reads a book.

  3. Asha can do this.

  4. We want to teach you.

  5. Raju is a tall boy.

  6. She will go to temple.

  7. There is some water in the jug.

  8. She  dances well.

Q.7)Rewrite each of the following sentences correctly after putting in the proper  punctuation marks.   (¼×6=1½)

  1. please help me to solve this sum

  2. may God bless you

  3. what a clever boy he is

  4. barking dogs seldom bite

  5. pool how dirty it is

  6. they are coming with us

Q.8)   Read the passage and answer the following questions :-

Food can maintain and save life. It can destroy life as well. Proper food serves as medicine, improper food works as poison. A little care about the quality and quantity of food will keep us healthy and happy. If we go about eating all sorts of things, we shall become sick.
We take pride in calling ourselves civilized. Being sensible means to know the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. It will not do to become slaves to our tongue or taste. Even cattle, birds and beasts eat only what is best for their body.
We mostly eat processed food and refined sugar. We pay heavily for junk food, for Chinese dishes or deep fried snacks. As a result we catch diseases. We have drifted away from mother nature. We laugh at the rules of hygiene, healthy diet and the advice of our elders. This has given rise to diabetes.
We offer chocolates, cakes and ice creams too often to our children. We also attend parties or dine out every day. This way we invite obesity and diabetes.

  1. Answer the following questions briefly:       (1×5=5)

    (a) What are the functions of food?

    (b) What is meant by ‘improper food’?

    (c) What does ‘civilised life’ imply?

    (d) Explain: We have drifted away from nature.

    (e) How does modem life style and food habits affect us?

  2. Find words from the passage that mean the same as:    (1×2=2)

    (a) being fat

    (b) cleanliness



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