Class – III Subject – Computer Chapter – 1 ( Computer Basics ) Day 3







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Class – III Subject – Computer Chapter – 1 ( Computer Basics ) Day 3

Classwork Assignment 

Homework Assignment 

Read Ch – 1

A – Answer the following questions :-

Q1. What do you understand by computer ?

Ans – An electronic machine that takes instructions given by the uses, processes it and gives the desired result as an output is known as computer. It can perform many different tasks at a very fast speed.

Q2. How did a computer evolve?

Ans – Computer evolved after the invention and development of so many devices. In the early phase of its development , calculating devices were used to calculate anything.

Q3. What are the features of the modern computer?

Ans – Features of the modern computer are :-

  1. It works on microprocessor.

  2. It is fast and has a large memory to store data and information.

Q4. Explain the working of a computer .

Ans – A computer is a very intelligent machine. It works very fast in an organised manner. The computer works in three basic term :-

                 INPUT ->             PROCESSING  ->             OUTPUT

Q5. Define the following :-

  1. Storage – A computer has a large memory in which lots of data can be stored  for future use.

  2. Speed – A computer works very fast and performs billions of tasks in a few seconds.

  3. Diligence – A computer is free from tiredness , lack of concentration , fatigue etc. It can works for hours without creating any error.

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