Class – III Subject – S.St Chapter – 1 ( The Earth – Where We Live ) Day 2







Hansika Mishra


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Class – III Subject – S.St Chapter – 1 ( The Earth – Where We Live ) Day 2

Chapter – 1

The Earth – Where We Live 

Classwork Assignment

A- New words :-

  1. spherical – of round shape

  2. geoid – Earth-like shape

  3. explorer – traveller

  4. voyage – journey

  5. survive – live

  6. aquatic – belonging to water

Homework Assignment

Complete ques-ans of ch – 1 in notebook.

B. Answer these questions

Q1. Why is Earth our home planet?
Ans – Earth is our home planet because we live here. It is the only planet that has water, air and all necessary things needed to sustain life.

Q2. What is the shape of the Earth?
Ans-  The shape of the earth is geoid.

Q3. Who proved for the first time that the Earth was round and how was this proved?
Ans – Ferdinand Magellan proved that the Earth is round. He proved it when he went on a voyage and after three years, returned to the same place from where he had started.

Q4. Why do living things survive on Earth?
Ans-  Living beings survive on earth because there is air, water and land on earth.

Q5. Define atmosphere.
Ans-  A blanket of air surrounding the earth is called atmosphere

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