Class III Subject – Science Chapter – 4 ( Birds )







Kamlesh P Misra


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Class III Subject – Science Chapter – 4 ( Birds )

Classwork Assignment

A – Answer the following question :-

Q1.How is a bird’s body suitable for flying?

Ans.. Birds have light bodies that are shaped like aeroplanes. They have wings to fly. They have strong  arm and chest muscles to move the wings.

Q2. What are the claws of an eagle called? How do they help the eagle?

Ans. The claws of an eagle are called talons. The eagle uses them to catch small animals such as rats and toads.

Q3.How does a duck’s beak help it in getting food ?

Ans. A duck has a broad flat beak with holes on its sides. It takes muddy water in its beak. The mud and water flow out of the holes. Plants and insects remain in the mouth and are eaten.

Q4. How does a bird keep its eggs warm ?

Ans. The bird sits on its eggs to keep them warm

Home work Assignment

Learn chapter no.1

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