Class-III Subject – Science Unit Test -I







Kamlesh P Misra


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Class-III Subject – Science Unit Test -I


Subject- Science

Unit Test -I

M.M- 20

Name –

Q.1 Multiple choice question :-                                   (2)

i)Which of these is a living thing ?

  • a)Computer

  • b) Chair

  • c)Rose plant

  • d)Book .

ii)Which of these is not a sense organ ?

  • a)Nose

  • b)Skin

  • c)Hands

  • d)Eyes.

iii)The cabbage plant stores food in its

  • a)Fruits

  • b)Roots

  • c)Leaves

  • d)Stem

iv)Which of these plant has trunk?

  • a)Banyan tree

  • b)Money plant

  • c)Cactus

  • d)Grass.

Q2.Write True or False : –                               (2)

i) Plants cannot breathe.

ii) Living things gets energy from food.

iii) Food prepared by all plants gets stored in the fruits.

iv) Plants take in water and salts through the root.

Q3.Name these:-

i) A gas that a plants uses in making food_______.

ii)Plants with weak stems_________

iii) Green substance without which plants cannot make food_________

iv) The two kinds of roots_______

Q4.Match the following:-                           (2)

i) Fish

 a) eggs

ii) Cockroach

b) stomata

iii) Leaves

c) air holes

iv) Baby snake

d) gills.

Q5. Answer the following questions:-                             (10)

i) Why do animals move from place to place ?

ii) Why is there no need for plants to move a round?

iii) What are the things a seed needs to start growing?

iv) Where is the food made by a plant stored?

v) Write any two differences between plants and animals.

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