Class – IV Subject – S.St Chapter – 1 ( Minerals ) Revision







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Class – IV Subject – S.St Chapter – 1 ( Minerals ) Revision

Chapter – 1


Classwork Assignment

Took revision of Ch – 1.

Q1. Why should minerals be conserved ?

Ans – Minerals are fossil fuels that are formed over thousands of years. It is known that the world does not have an unlimited amount of minerals resources; hence , minerals need to be conserved.

Q2. What are minerals?

Ans – Minerals are substances that can be found naturally on Earth. Minerals can found under the ground and at the bottom of seas. They are of two types – metallic and non-metallic.

Q3. What metallic minerals?

Ans – Minerals like iron , copper , gold , silver , bauxite from which new substances can be produced are called metallic minerals.

Q4. What are non-metallic minerals?

Ans – Non-metallic minerals are substances from which new substances cannot be made. Coal, petroleum , natural gas , limestone , mica and precious stones are non-metallic minerals.

Q5. What are mines?

Ans- Deep and large holes are used to dig the minerals out from under the ground. These are known as mines.

Q6. Differentiate between Metallic and Non-Metallic minerals.

Ans –

Metallic Minerals

Non-Metallic Minerals

1.     They are hard and cannot be broken easily. They can be melted to make new products.

They are not hard and are breakable.

2.     They are mostly found in igneous rocks.

       They are mostly found in        sedimentary rocks.

3.     They have a shine of their own.

They have no shine of their own.

Homework Assignment

Learn Ch – 1. 

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