Class – IV Subject – S.St Chapter – 4 ( India is My Country ) Revision







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Class – IV Subject – S.St Chapter – 4 ( India is My Country ) Revision

Chapter – 4

India is My Country

Classwork Assignment

A- Word meaning :-

  1. abide – to act according to a rule or law

  2. frame – to form

  3. enlisted – mentioned in a list

  4. principles – ideals based on which rules are framed

  5. guidelines – advice

B – Answer the following questions :-

Q1. What is constitution?

Ans – The constitution is like a rulebook according to which our country should function. It contains rules and regulations which the citizens of India must follow.

Q2. What are directive principle? Write any two directive principles mentioned in our constitution.

Ans – The directive principles are a set of rules, which are mentioned in our Constitution and they must be followed by our government . These are :-

  1. Everyone should have a job so that they can look after themselves and support their families.

  2. According to the constitution of India, children up to the age of 14 have the right to free education. Our government must ensure that every child till the age of 14, goes to school.

Q3. What are the fundamental duties mentioned in our Constitution :-

Ans – Following are certain fundamental duties:

a. The citizens of India must respect the National Flag and National Anthem of our
b. The citizens of India must follow the ideals mentioned in our Constitution.
c. The citizens of India must remember that they are equal and should treat each
other with respect.
d. The citizens of India must take care of public property.
e. The citizens of India must take care of the environment.
f. The citizens of India must help the government in times of danger and emergency.

Q4. What do you understand by the term democracy?

Ans – In a democracy the people have the right to choose who will govern the country.
A democratic government is a government of the people, by the people and for the

Q5. Write in short about the fundamental rights of our country .

Ans – In the Constitution of India there is a list of rights, which are known as the Fundamental
Rights. The people of India are entitled to enjoy these rights. No one can deny a citizen
his or her fundamental rights. Citizens can approach a court of law if his Fundamental
Rights are denied. The Fundamental Rights are Right to Equality, Right to Freedom,
Right against Exploitation, Right to Freedom of religion, Cultural and Educational
Rights and Right to approach a court of law.

Homework Assignment

Learn Ch – 4.

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