Class – IV Subject – S.St Chapter – 7 ( Forests and Wildlife ) Day 3







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Class – IV Subject – S.St Chapter – 7 ( Forests and Wildlife ) Day 3

Chapter – 7

Forests and Wildlife

Classwork Assignment

A – Word Meaning :-

  1. altitude – height

  2. insufficient – not enough

  3. stilt – like a stick or a pole

  4. canopy – leaves that  together form a sort of a cover

B – Answer the following questions :-

Q1. What are the major types of forests found in India?

Ans -The major types of forests in India are –

  1. Evergreen

  2. Deciduous

  3. Mountainous

  4. Thorn

  5. Mangrove or Tidal

Q2. Where are thorn forests can be seen?

Ans – The thorn forests can be seen in the deserts of Rajasthan , Haryana and Southern Punjab.

Q3. Where are evergreen forests of India can be seen?

Ans – The evergreen forests in India can be seen in areas that are hot and receive a significant amount of rainfall.

Q4. What do we get from forests?

Ans – 1. Forests provide us food , herbs , gums , medicines , fuel , wood etc.

2. Forests give us pure air and provide shelter for animals.

3. Forests draw rain-bearing clouds.

4. The roots of the trees hold the soil together.

Q5. Name the animals that can be found in the following forests :-

  1. Evergreen forests – Asian elephants , tigers.

  2. Deciduous forests – monkeys , big cats , deer , birds , leopards , boars , bears and wild buffaloes.

  3. Thorn forests – camel , Great Indian Bustard , desert cat , Indian Gazelle , blackbuck , Indian Wild Ass.

  4. Mangrove or Tidal forests – Royal Bengal Tiger , crocodiles , spotted deer , snakes and birds.

Q6. What is the different between national parks and wildlife sanctuary?

Ans – A national park is reserved area where the main aim is to protect the natural vegetation and wildlife of the local area. There are almost 100 national parks in India.

A wildlife sanctuary is also a reserved area that is used to protect endangered species. There are more than 500 wildlife sanctuaries in India.


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