Class IV Subject-Science Chapter – 2 ( Digesting Food) Day – 4







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Class IV Subject-Science Chapter – 2 ( Digesting Food) Day – 4

Classwork Assignment

A – Answer the following question :-

Q1. How do these help in digestion ?

Ans – 1) Teeth – Teeth chew the food and break it down into small pieces.

2) Saliva – Saliva softens the food and also starts the digestion of starches in the food

3) Liver – Liver makes a digestive juice.

4) Digestive juices – Digestive juices break down proteins and other nutrients in food into simpler substances.

5) Fibre – Fibre helps food and waste to move through the digestive system.

Q2. What happens to the food in the small intestine?

Ans – In the small intestine food is mixed with digestive juices made by the small intestine, liver and pancreas. These help to complete the digestion. The digested food passes into the blood through the walls of the small intestine.

Q3. What happens to the undigested portion of food?

Ans – The undigested food passes into the large intestine where water is absorbed from it. The solid part goes out of the body through the anus.

Homework Assignment

Complete ques – ans of ch – 2.


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