Class -IV Subject- Science Chapter No. 4(Matter)







Kamlesh P Misra


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Class -IV Subject- Science Chapter No. 4(Matter)

Chapter- 4

Classwork Assignment

Homework Assignment

Prepare a model based on the molecular arrangement in solids, liquids and gases and paste it in your scrapbook.

15 Creative Ways to Teach About States of Matter

    Do these Question Answers in your notebook.

Q1.Is air matter ?  Why ?

Ans. Air is matter because it takes up space and has weight.

Q2.What is matter made up of ?
Ans. Matter is made up of tiny particles called molecules.

Q3. How is the arrangement of molecules in ice different from their              arrangement in water?                                                                         

Ans. The molecules in ice are packed together very closely and cannot move around much. The molecules in water are not so closely packed together and can move around freely within the liquid.

Q4.Why do gases  not have a definite shape or volume ?

Ans. Gases do not have a definite shape or volume because gas molecules are far apart from each other and move around freely in the entire space available to them.


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