Class – IV Subject – Science Chapter No.5 (Our Clothes)







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Class – IV Subject – Science Chapter No.5 (Our Clothes)

Class Work Assignment


Q3.What kind of clothes should one wear ?

Ans. The clothes we wear should be comfortable, suited to weather conditions. And suited to the type of work we do. They should also make us look good and smart.

Q4.In what ways  is synthetic fibre better than natural fibre ?
Ans. Clothes made from synthetic fibres are stronger. They dry easily and do not wrinkle easily.

Q5 Why are cotton clothes preferred in summer?
Ans. Cotton clothes are preferred in summer because they absorb sweat and air can circulate through them more easily. They allow body heat to escape.

Q6.Why do they wear these clothes?
Ans. a. Doctors and nurses must remain very clean. They wear white clothes so that any dirt on them can be easily seen.
b. An overall is one cloth that covers a worker from neck to the feet. There is no cloth portion that can accidentally get caught in machines. Therefore, overalls are safe to wear while working on machines.
c. Inuits live in very cold regions, covered in snow. Fur clothes keep them warm.

Homework Assignment

D.Answerthe following questions.

Q1..What is saturated solution?

Ans. A saturated solution is the solution in which no more solute can be added to the solvent.

Q2.Writea short note on useful microbes.
Ans. Some bacteria can change milk into curd. Others can change sugar into alcohol. A fungus called yeast helps in making cakes and bread fluffy. Some bacteria help in the decay of dead plants and animals. This is very important for cleaning our surroundings. Some bacteria help to produce vitamins in humans. Some other bacteria help animals to digest food.

Q3.Why is it important to take care of our teeth?
Ans. We need to take care of our teeth as food get stuck between our teeth when we eat. Brushing our teeth removes this food as well as germs. If we do not brush, the germs change the sugar in food to a substance called acid. This acid sticks to our teeth as a paste like material called plaque. It can weaken the enamel and make small holes or cavities in it.

Q4Write briefly on proper eating habits.
Ans. To stay healthy we should eat a balanced diet. Chewing food well is important for good digestion. We should have food at fixed times. We should sit down to eat our food. We should rinse our mouth properly after eating.

Q5.How too much fat consumption is harmful?
Ans. Eating too much fat will make our body fat. It can also cause diseases of the heart as we get older.

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