Class V Chapter -1 Explanation + Ques / Ans







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Class V Chapter -1 Explanation + Ques / Ans

Chapter -1


Chapter -1


Complete these Ques/Ans in notebook.


Question. 1.
The transfer of characteristics from one generation to another is known as Inheritance.

Question. 2.
Write the names of any two scientists who worked in the field of genetics.
Ans: Gregor John Mendel and Dr. Hargovind Khurana.

Question. 3.
From where do we get the genetic characteristics?
(a) From grandparents (paternal)
(b) From grandparents (maternal)
(c) From parents
(d) All of the above
(d) All of the. above.

Question. 4.
What is your relation with your mother’s sister?
My mother’s sister is my Masi (maternal aunt)!

Question. 5.
What is the difference between joint family and nuclear family?

(i) In a nuclear family, there is only father and mother and their children. But in a joint family, all the members (grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunty along with father and mother) live with their children.

(ii) In a nuclear family, there are only mother and father, but in a joint family, all the members contribute towards the upbringing of their children.

Extra Questions

Q1. Who is known as ‘Father of Genetics’?
Ans: Gregor John Mendel

Q2. What are the reasons for the formation of nuclear families?
(i) In search of occupation or higher education, families are migrating from village to cities. In cities there are small houses, in which a few family members can stay together.

(ii) Some other reasons are also there for the division of joint families like, number of family members, habits, behaviour of the family members, economic conditions, capacity to spend etc.

(iii) Continuous changes in the ways of celebration of festivals is another main reason for the formation of nuclear families.

Q3. In due course of time, what are the changes in the ways of celebration of festivals ?
(i) Earlier, in joint families, number of family members were higher and all used to celebrate festivals together. But now-a-days, limited members in the nuclear families only celebrate the festivals.

(ii) Now-a-days, relatives cannot regularly visit other family members.

(iii) Festivals, now-a-days are celebrated for lesser time.

Q4.What is adoption?
Legal protection given to any relative’s child or any other child, is called adoption.

Q5. Why Gregor John Mendel is known as Father of Genetics?
Gregor John Mendel has done a lot of experiments on the pea plant and he formulated the Laws of Inheritance. For this reason he is known as Father of Genetics.

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