Class – V Subject – E.V.S. Chapter – 4 ( Let’s Clean Together ) Day 2







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Class – V Subject – E.V.S. Chapter – 4 ( Let’s Clean Together ) Day 2

Chapter – 4

Let’s Clean Together

Classwork Assignment

A – Answer the following questions :-

Q1. Maintaining cleanliness at roads, streets, colonies etc. is also our responsibility or not?
Ans- Yes, maintaining cleanliness at roads, streets, colonies etc. is also our responsibility.


Q2. What is the reason for accumulation of dirt and trash in the colonies and streets?
Ans- People are not careful about cleanliness. They throw all garbage on the road and it makes colonies dirty.


Q3. What efforts can we make to maintain cleanliness in our colonies, roads etc.?
(i) People should use dustbins for accumulating dirt and trash
(ii) Everyone should be made aware of causes due to dirt and dirty environment
(iii) Responsibility should be given to the cleaners.
(iv) Fine should be charged to making the surrounding dirty.

Q4. Make a list of those items from the trash generated from your house, which can be reused. .
Ans- Paper, cardboard, old clothes, wrappers of chocolates, polythene, newspaper, glass bottle, containers of plastic etc. can be reused.

Q5. What will be the adverse effect of open defecation?
Ans- Open defecation creates environmental pollution. Flies make our food dirty which create many diseases. By eating this food, we may catch many diseases.

Q6. Why is it necessary to wash your hands with soap after defecation?
Ans- Soaps remove the dirt which create disease. Hence it is necessary to wash our hands with soap after defecation.

Q7. When someone went to Gandhiji’s Ashram, what did he do to create awareness about cleanliness?
Ans- Whenever anyone went to Gandhiji’s Ashram, at first he was given the work to clean the toilets as a part of daily work. If he completed that work satisfactorily, only then any other work was assigned to him. The reason for the same was that Gandhiji always gave importance to the cleanliness and tidiness.

Q8. Write your opinion on ‘Clean India Mission’.
Ans- ‘Clean India Mission’ is a campaign started by the Government of India on a national level. The main aim of this mission is to clean the roads, streets and public places of our country. This was launched on 2nd October 2014 (Gandhi Jayanti).

Homework Assignment

Learn ch – 2.

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