Class – VI Subject – Geography Chapter – 5 ( Major Domains of the Earth ) Day 3







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Class – VI Subject – Geography Chapter – 5 ( Major Domains of the Earth ) Day 3

Chapter – 5

Major Domains of the Earth

Classwork Assignment

Taught page no. 35 to 37.

Homework Assignment

Complete Q/A of Ch – 5 in N.B.

A – Answer the following questions :-

Q1. What are the four major domains of the earth?

Ans – The four major domains of the earth are-

  1. Lithosphere
  2. Atmosphere
  3. Hydrosphere
  4. Biosphere

Q2. Name the major continents of the earth.

Ans – There are seven major continents , these continents are –

  1. Asia
  2. Europe
  3. Africa
  4. North America
  5. South America
  6.  Australia
  7. Antarctica

Q3. Name the two continents that lie entirely in the Southern Hemisphere.

Ans – The two continents that lies entirely in the Southern Hemisphere are Australia and Antarctica.

Q4. Name the different layers of atmosphere.

Ans – The different layers of the atmosphere are –

  1. Troposphere
  2. Stratosphere
  3. Mesosphere
  4. Thermosphere
  5. Exosphere

Q5. Why is the Northern Hemisphere is called land hemisphere?

Ans – The Northern Hemisphere is called the land hemisphere because we know that the greater part of the land mass lies in the Northern Hemisphere.

Q6. Why is the biosphere important for living organisms?

Ans – The biosphere is important for living organisms because it is only the narrow zone of contact between the land , water and air which made life possible.

Q7. What is stratosphere ?

Ans – Stratosphere is a layer of atmosphere. It lies above the troposphere and extends above 50 km.


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