Class – VI Subject – S.St Chapter – 1 ( What , Where , How and When ) Day 3







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Class – VI Subject – S.St Chapter – 1 ( What , Where , How and When ) Day 3

Classwork Assignment

Homework Assignment

Do Ques-Ans of ch – 1 in notebook.

Q1. List two major difference between manuscripts and inscriptions.

Ans –



1.     It comes from the Latin word ‘Manu ‘ meaning hand. These were usually written on palm leaf or on the specially prepared bark of a tree known as the birch.

These are written on relatively hard surfaces such as stone or metal.

1.     These books dealt with all kinds of subjects : religious beliefs and practices , medicine , science , poems , plays etc.

These are often kept by the kings for making records of the victories in the battle. They are also used by kings to convey messages to his people.

Q2. How can anyone know, what had happened, one hundred years ago?

Ans – We can know what had happened , one hundred years ago by the following :-

  1. Reading the books written in past.

  2. By manuscripts

  3. By inscriptions

  4. By tools and weapons

Q3. Make a list of all the objects that archeologists may find. Which of these could be made of stone?

Ans- 1. Potteries

  1. Statues

  2. Ornaments

  3. Tools

  4. Skeletons

  5. Toys

     Out of these Potteries , status and ornaments are made of stone.

Q4. Why do you think ordinary men and women did not generally keep records of what they did?

Ans- Ordinary men and women did not keep records of what they did because :-

    1. They did not know the art of writing in the beginning.

    2. Even some of them were not literate even after the knowledge of the script.

    3. They were not having an interest in such works.

    4. They did not know the importance of keeping records of the events. The lack of historical sense was mainly responsible for it.

Q5. Describe at least two ways in which you think the lives of kings would have been different from those of farmers.

Ans –

Ans –



1.   The farmers used to live in huts or in very small houses.

The kings used to live in palaces or big houses

2.   Farmers used to produce food for themselves and other people also.

      The kings were dependent for their food on farmers.


Q6. From where does people living in the Andaman Islands get their food?

Ans- By fishing, hunting and collecting forest products.

Q7. What do you mean by the abbreviations :-

BC, AD , CE and BCE.

Ans – BC – stands for ‘ Before Christ ‘.

AD – stands for ‘ Anno Domini ‘.

CE – stands for ‘ Common Era ‘.

BCE – stands for ‘ Before Common Era ‘.

Q8. What is Decipherment ?

Ans – Languages and scripts which we were used in the past have changed over time. So, in order to understand the changes and what is actually inscribed , we refer to the process known as Decipherment.

Q9. What were the subjects on which books were written in the past?
Ans- Before paper was discovered scholars wrote on:

  1. dried leaves,

  2. on the bark of birch trees and

  3. sometimes on copper (or metal) plates and stones.

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