Class – VI Subject – S.St ( Civics ) Chapter – 6 ( Rural Administration ) Day 2







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Class – VI Subject – S.St ( Civics ) Chapter – 6 ( Rural Administration ) Day 2

Chapter – 6

Rural Administration

Classwork Assignment

Taught Ch – 6.

Q1. What is the work of the police?
Ans: Work of the Police:

1. To maintain law and order in its area.
2. To register cases of thefts, accidents, injuries, fights etc.
3. To inquire, investigate, and take action on the cases within its area

Q2. List two things that the work of a Patwari includes.

1. Patwari measures land and keeps land records.
2. He organises the collection of land revenue from the farmers and provides information to the government about the crops grown in the area.

Q3. . What is the work of a Tehsildar?
Ans: Work of a Tehsildar:

1. To supervise the work of Patwaris.
2. To settle disputes regarding land.
3. To get revenue collected.
4. What issue is the poem trying to

Q4. . How do women benefit under the new law? ,
Ans: Under the new lawsons, daughters and their mothers can get an equal share in the land. This law will benefit a large number of women. Now, if ever has a problem women can always depend upon their share of land or property.

Q5. . What is called bund?
Ans: The boundary that separates one land from another is called ‘bund’

Q6. Where can one register the case?
Ans: One can register a case in the police station which comes under his/her area or locality.

Homework Assignment

Learn Ch – 6.

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