Class – VI Subject – S.St ( Geography ) Weekly Test







Hansika Mishra


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Class – VI Subject – S.St ( Geography ) Weekly Test

A – Tick the correct answer :-

  1. The planet is known as the ‘ Earth Twin ‘ is

a. Jupiter                                                      b. Saturn                                        c. Venus

2. All the planets move around the sun in a

a. Circular Path                                          b. Rectangular Path                    c. Elongated Path

3. Asteroids are found between the orbits of

a. Saturn and Jupiter                               b. Mars and Jupiter                     c. The Earth and Mars

4. Which is the third nearest planet to the sun?

a. Venus                                  b. Earth                                      c. Mercury

B – Fill in the blanks :-

  1. A huge system of stars is called _________________.

  2. Planets do not have their own ___________ and ______________.

  3. ______________ is the closest celestial body to our earth.

  4. A group of stars forming various patterns is called a __________________.

C – Answer the following questions :-

Q1. What is the Universe?

Q2. Name all the planets according to their distance from the sun.


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