Class – VI Subject – S.St ( History ) Chapter – 3 ( In the Earliest Cities ) Day 4







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Class – VI Subject – S.St ( History ) Chapter – 3 ( In the Earliest Cities ) Day 4

Chapter – 3

In the Earliest Cities

Classwork Assignment

A – Answer the following questions :-

Q1. How do archeologists know that cloth were used in Harappan civilisation?

Ans – Archeologists have found spindles from the excavation sites. Presence of spindles shows that people knew how to make cloth. This show that people in the Harappan civilisation used cloth.

Q2. Why were metals , writing , the wheel and the plough important for the Harappans?

Ans -a) Metals –

1. Copper and Bronze – making tools, weapons , ornament , vessels.

2. Gold and Silver – for making ornaments , vessel.

b ) Writing – important means of communication , useful maintaining records.

c ) Wheel – used in carts and pottery.

d) plough – used to dig the earth for turning the soil and for sowing seeds.

Q3. Differentiate between Citadel and Lowe town.

Ans –


Lower town

1.The western part of most cities which was smaller but higher. 

The eastern part which was larger but lower

2. The most important public buildings were located here. Example : Granaries , Great Bath.

The common people probably lived here which consisted of small houses. 

Q4. Describe the people of Harappan cities?

Ans – 1. There were three basic occupation of people living in Harappan cities – rulers , scribes and craft person.

2. They planned constructions of special buildings in cities. Most cities had covered drains and laid out in straight lines.

3. Scribes were people who knew how to write and prepare seals.

4. Besides there were farmers and herders who provided food to the people.

Q5. What could have been the possible reasons behind the end of the Harappan civilisation?

Ans – The Harappan civilisation started to an around 3900 years ago due to the following reasons:-

1. drying of rivers

2. deforestation

3. flood

4. rulers might have lost control

Q6. Write a short note on the city of Lothal.

Ans- Lothal was a city on the bank of a tributary of Sabarmati. It was an important centre for making stones, shells and metal objects. There was a store house in the city and even fire altars have been found.

Q7. How Dholavera and other Harappan cities different?

Ans – Dholavera was divided into there parts but other other Harappan cities were divided into two parts.

Q8. Describe the drainage system of Harappan cities.

Ans- The Harappan cities had covered drains with inspection holes on the top. House drains were connected to Street drains and smaller drains often led into bigger drains.

Q9. Write a short note on Great Bath.

Ans- 1. Great Bath was a special tank build in Mohanjodar.

2. This tank was lines with bricks , created with plaster and made water tight with a natural tar.

3. There were steps leading down from two sides into the tank.

4. The tank was surrounded by rooms on all sides.

5. Important people took a dip in this tank on special occasions.

Q10. What was the use of seal?

Ans- Seals may have been used to stamp bags or packet containing goods that were sent from one place to another. A layer of wet clay was applied on the closed bags and then the seal was pressed on it.

Homework Assignment

Complete Ch – 3 in notebook.

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