Class – VI Subject – Science Chapter – 1( Food : Where Does it Come From ) Day 3







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Class – VI Subject – Science Chapter – 1( Food : Where Does it Come From ) Day 3

Chapter – 1

Food : Where Does it Come From

Classwork Assignment


Homework Assignment

Do ques-ans of ch – 1 in notebook.

A – Answer the following question :-

Q1. Do you find that all living beings need the same kind of food?

Ans – No, all living beings do not need the same kind of food. Some animals only eat plant products called herbivores.

Some animals eat only other animals. They are called carnivores.

Some other animals called omnivores eat both plants and animals.

Q2. Name five plants and their parts that we eat.

Ans – Apple tree – fruit

Wheat plant – seed

Potato plant – stem

Carrot plant – root

Spinach – leaves

Q3. What is food ? What are its functions?

Ans – Food is a substance that can be eaten or drunk by animals including humans, for nourishment.

Its functions are  :-

  1. essential for growth.

  2. repair the damaged cells.

  3. give energy

  4. protect our body from diseases

Q4. Define :-

  1. Ingredients :- Substances that are used to make a particular food item.

  2. Edible parts :- The parts of the plant which are safe to be eaten.

  3. Nectar :- The sweet juice present in the flower.

  4. Apiculture :- The rearing of honey bee on a large scale.

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