Eng I POEM – Daddy Fell into the Pond

Eng I






Megha Modi


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Eng I POEM – Daddy Fell into the Pond

Classwork Assignment

Question and Answer

Daddy Fell into the Pond


1. The sky was grey. It was a dismal day. There seemed to be nothing beyond before Daddy fell into the pond.

2. The gardener was shaking so much because he was laughing.

3. The ducks quacked foolishly and the drake seemed to have laughed.

4. Yes.

Chapter -1 The Three Surprises

B. 1. Because the mother wanted to do some lovely things always by his child.

2. The little boy’s mother asked him to go out in the sunshine and get three surprises for her.
3. The little boy’s first surprise was a black, red-tipped feather. The blowing wind left it at his feet.

4. The fat thrush gave the little boy his second surprise. It was an empty thrush egg broken in half like two cups.

5. The little boy found his third surprise, a pebble, in the warm dust just beyond where the trees ended.

6. The little boy got a brown egg ready to be eaten and a bar of cream jelly chocolate from his mother.

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