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VI Computer

A – Tick the correct option :-             [ 4 ]

1.In a computer programming ___________ are often created as functions.

a. flowcharts                b. algorithm                 c. both                  d. none

2. Each algorithm has ________ and ____________ in different situations.

a. advantages                      b. disadvantages                c. both                  d. none

3. _____________ box is a rhombus shaped symbol.

a. input                     b. output                 c. decision                 d. connectors

4. ___________ box is a parallelogram shaped symbol.

a. input                    b. output                    c. both                    d. none


B – Look at the following symbols used in a flowchart and name them. Also write a line for each :-       [ 2 ]

  1. Oval, shape icon - Download on Iconfinder on Iconfinder
  2. How To Draw Parallelogram shape Step by Step - [4 Easy Phase]

C – Answer the following questions :- ( any one )        [ 2 ]

Q1. What is an algorithm ?

Q2. What is a flowchart?

D – Write an algorithm  to subtract two numbers and convert it into flowchart.             [ 2 ]


E- Write an algorithm to find the smaller of the two numbers and convert it into flowchart.

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