Monthly Unit Test – 3







Megha Modi


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Monthly Unit Test – 3


Session – 2021-22

Monthly Unit Test – III


Class – III

Q1. Multiple choice questions:-                              (6)

i) Which of these is not a sense organ?

a) Nerves          b) Eyes         c) Skin             d) Tongue

ii) The sense organ that enables us to feel hot or cold is:-

a) Hand          b) Cheek          c) Skin              d) Ear

iii) Traffic light of which colour tells us to stop?

a)Red                 b)Yellow        c) Green           d)Blue

iv) On which side of the road should you drive your bicycle?

a) Left b) Right            c)Centre           d)On the zebra crossing only.

v) Which of these can give you an electric shock?

a) Matchsticks b) Medicines    c) Knives         d) Damaged electric wires

vi) Which of these organs controls all other organs of the body?

a) Heart b) Lungs          c) Stomach       d) Brain


Q2.Write True or False   (2)

i) The brain is the control centre of our body.

ii) We can see with our eyes without the help of the brain.

iii) Muscles and bones together enable  us to move our body parts.

iv) Blood continuously takes food and oxygen to all parts of our body.

Q3. Name these :-   (6)

i) This is the place you should cross the road from __ E B __ __ C __ __ S S __ N G

ii) The first help that an injured person needs. __ __ R S __ A __ D

iii) A sharp instrument that must be used carefully. K __ __ F E

iv) The breaking down of food into tiny, simple pieces before it can be absorbed by the body. D __ G __ __ T __ O N

v) Messages from all parts of our bodies flow to the brain through them. N __ __ V E __

vi) The tubes in our body through which blood flows. B L __ __ D V __ __ S E __ S

Q4.Answer the following questions:- (any 3)                  (6)

i) Why is circulatory system important?

ii) Name the organs of digestive system.

iii) What will happen if the excretory system did not work properly?

iv) What are the functions of the skeletal system?

v) List five things in your home that can be dangerous

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