Class- 4 Subject- English Unit Test 3







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Class- 4 Subject- English Unit Test 3


Session – 2021-22

Monthly Unit Test – III


Class – IV

Q1. Tick the correct answer:- (4)

  1. The mother deer did not wish to be killed because

i) she was to young to die ii) she wanted King Branch Deer to be killed iii) her little one was too young to care for himself.

2. Binker is

i) an imaginary friend ii) the speaker’s brother / sister iii) a pet animal

3. The king of Varanasi went hunting every day accompanied by

i) guards and soldiers ii) the ministers and guards iii) the people of the town

4. The speaker in the poem is

i) an old man ii) a young man iii) a little boy

5. King Brahmadatta of Varanasi was ________________ by King Banyan Deer’s sacrifice.

i) Annoyed ii) saddened iii) touched

6. The two qualities of Binker that the speaker mentions are , he

i) is clever and he talks a lot ii) is brave and greedy             iii) cries a lot and is fond of chocolates

7. King Brahmadatta said King Banyan Deer and King Branch Deer would not be hunted as

i) they were the kings of the two herds ii) he was very impressed by their beauty iii) he found them to be caring and kind.

8. The speaker is never alone because –

i) his parents are always with him ii) his Nanny is always by his side iii)Binker is his constant companion

Q2. Write the meaning of the following words :-    ( any three )        [ 3  ]

  1. venison 2. Cross 3. Compassion             4. Squeak        5. Wounded

Q3. Form adverbs from the adjectives given in the brackets and fill in the blanks.(3)

  1. Puneet  __________ (polite) asked direction to the nearby market.
  2. The old man walks ____ ___ (slow).
  3. Raj solved all the sums _________ (quick).
  4. He speaks _________ (loud).
  5. I write in my notebook _________ ( neat).
  6. Raju answered all the questions ________ ( correct).

Q4. Change the following statement into question.(2)

  1. He has black shorts. The sun sets in the west.
  2. His mother was sick. I like mangoes.

Q5. Underline the subjects and circle the predicates in these sentences.(2)

  1. The wood of some trees are precious. The stars twinkle brightly at night.
  2. The baby looked cheerful. Veena goes to school.

Q6. Complete these sentences.(1)

  1. ______ boils at 100o Celsius.                                    _______ are used to make chips.
  2. ________ like eating sugarcane.                                _______ floats on water.


Q7. Write the names of the people who do these jobs. (½×4=2)

  1. A ________ repairs water pipes. A ________ sells flowers.
  2. A ________ treats patients. A ________ weaves clothes

Q8. Answer the following questions :-   ( any two )              [ 3 ]

  1. What request did the mother deer make to King Branch Deer?
  2. What does the poet teach Binker?
  3. What promise did the king make to the two deer kings? Why do you think he made the promise?
  4. What are the qualities that you would look for in a friend?

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