Monthly Unit Test – III






Hansika Mishra


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Monthly Unit Test – III


Session – 2021-22

Monthly Unit Test – III

EVS                                                                                                                               Class – V

A – List the names of animals that eat the foods mentioned in the table :- 4

  1. Deer
  2. Rat
  3. Plant –
  4. Hen –

B – Fill in the blanks :- 4

  1. A well is round and a baoris is ______________.
  2. Wells , baoris and __________ are the sources of drinking water.
  3. Water is cleaned by straining , boiling and ____________.
  4. Water in houses comes from water tapes and __________.

C – Short answer type questions :-       ( any four ) 6

Q1. What is a forest?

Q2. Prepare a list of works performed by ants and name them on the nature of their work.

Q3. Make a list of 4 lakes of Rajasthan.

Q4. What do you understand by food chain?

Q5. How is the purification of water done at home?

Q6. Which plants or trees are worshipped in your surrounding ?

D – Long answer type questions :- 4

Q1. How do bats fly in the dark without striking any object?

Q2. What are the reasons for the pollution of water of lakes and ponds ?

Q3. What efforts are being made by the people to save the trees?

Q4. Make a list of benefits which we get from the trees.

E – Make a list of any four bird sanctuaries / National Parks situated in Rajasthan and locate when in the map of Rajasthan where they are located.  4



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