Class-5 Subject English Unit Test 2







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Class-5 Subject English Unit Test 2

Shamrock Prerna School


Unit Test -2

M. M =20

Q. 1) Write T  for true and for False statements.  (¼×6=1½)

  1. With dedication to our duty we can make Bharat beautiful.
  2. The elephants were shouting for help.
  3. The atmosphere of the school be friendly.
  4. The elephants were very hungry. They were looking for food.
  5. Neha fetched water with her mother from a pond.
  6. The king of  the rats promised to help the elephants when we needed.

Q. 2)Choose the correct alternative.     (¼×2=½)

  1. We should ____ our parents.
  • not help
  • disobey
  • ignore
  • help

2. Raju and Manjeet were quarrelling over _____.

  • pencils
  • cobwebs
  • water
  • bits of paper

Q. 3) Select suitable homophones word to complete the sentences.


  1.  I couldn’t  __________what the teacher said. ( here/hear)
  2. There are two _________ of plants in my garden. ( rows/ rose)
  3. Ram will __________ (by/buy ) a new cap from the fair.
  4. _________your name in bold letters.  ( right/write)

Q. 4)Answer the following questions. (Any 5)              (1×5=5)

  1.  Who helped the elephants?
  2. Why did the king of rats promise to help the elephants when needed?
  3. Who says that he cleans his room himself?
  4. Is Neha a good girl? How?
  5. Who went to the king of elephants?
  6. In what atmosphere should we study?

Q.5)Word Meanings.    (¼×8=2)

  1. realize
  2. ample
  3. promised
  4. cobweb
  5. direction
  6. blame
  7. route
  8. trap

Q,6) Write one word for each of the groups of words given below.

        ( ¼×10=2½)

  1. A seat  without a back or arms.
  2. Lacking good sense or judgement.
  3. A tall, narrow building.
  4. A journey or excursion.
  5. A way to a destination.
  6. Abduct someone and hold captive.
  7. A period of time when there is no war.
  8. A place where people sit to eat meals that are cooked there.
  9. A model that represent someone.
  10. A circular path for runner.

Q. 7) Complete the following sentences with was, is, are, were.   (½×4=2)

  1. Once upon a time there ______ a genie.
  2. Long ago there  _____ three frogs
  3. There _____ a English teacher.
  4. There _____ many temples in Sikar.

Q. 8) Write the opposites of the following words.    (½×6=3)

  1. Pranayam  ______ blood pressure.    (increases)
  2. One day , Ram and Shyam got up _____.  ( late)
  3. Sit ______ on the floor.      (noisely)
  4. Lord Ram got ____  over Ravan.   (defeat)
  5. We did not _____ these bits of papers.  (dirty)
  6. The school is ours. Let us clean it _____ .   ( carelessly)

Q.9)Fill in the blanks with and / but/ or.  ( ½×5=2½)


  1. He returns home ______ decides to go to school daily.
  2. That is a great idea _____ you are so talkative.
  3. Do you want tea _____ coffee?
  4. They affect our lungs _______ muscles.
  5. Generally ‘shall’ is used  with I ___ we.


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