Class – V Subject – E.V.S. Chapter – 6 ( Seed Becomes a Plant ) Day 3







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Class – V Subject – E.V.S. Chapter – 6 ( Seed Becomes a Plant ) Day 3

Chapter – 6

Seed Becomes a Plant

Classwork Assignment

A – Answer the following questions :-

Q1. Why were the grains tied in a wet cloth for germination?
Ans – The grains were tied in a wet cloth for germination because it creates the situation for germination which gives the seed the proper moisture and temperature.

Q2. Observe different plants in your surrounding, and discuss which plant grow without seed? From which part of the plant do they grow?

Name of the plant Part of plant from grows
Potato Stem
Money plant Stem
Mint plant Root
Rose Stem
Jasmine Stem
Bryophyllum Leaf

Q3. How is grafting done ?
Ans – Some plants are such that if their twigs are cut and planted in the soil then sometime later a new plant emerges from it It is called grafting. Like rose, sugarcane, orange, kaner, lemon, mogra, jasmine etc. The Money Plant can also be planted with a twig.

Q4. Name a plant which grows without seed and draw a diagram of it.
Ans – Patharchatta (Bryophillum) grows without seed.
RBSE Solutions for Class 5 Environmental Studies Chapter 6 Seed becomes Plant 1

Q5. What is dispersal?
Ans – Seeds are scattered in different places with high speed, wind, flow with water or stick on the beak of the birds and body of the animals. This phenomenon of scattering of seeds is know n as dispersal.

Q6. How human beings help in dispersal of seeds?
Ans – When humans sit near the trees, seeds from them stick to their clothes and are carried to other places. Humans also carry seeds to other places and plant them in farms or parks where they sprout.

Q7. Write the names of 5 plants which came to India from foreign countries.

Ans –

S.No Name of the plant Name of the region from where it has come
1. Tea China(Asia)
2. Coffee Africa
3. Lady finger Africa
4. Cauliflower Europe
5. Peas Europe


Homework Assignment

Complete Ch – 6.

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