Monthly Unit Test – 3







Saroj Sharma


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Monthly Unit Test – 3

Q1.  Tick the correct answer: (3)

  1. At __________ ,computer is used for preparing bills.
  2. Office            b. Home                             c. Shop
  3. Computers help in controlling _______________
  4. Students             b. Satellites.               c. Movies.
  5. Machine which is used to withdraw money is ______________
  6. ATM             b. CPU.                       c. ACT
  7. It displays the work done by us .
  8. Speakers               b. CPU                     .  c. Monitor                     .           d. Keyboard
  9. It is used to select objects on the computer.
  10. Mouse                  b. Monitor       c. Microphone.                  d. Joystick
  11. It is used to control video games.
  12. Microphone    b. Joystick                 c. Mouse.                     .            d. Printer.

Q2. Fill in the blanks with the words given in the box below: (2)       [ CPU    Joystick     diagnose      maps ]

  1. Computers help the doctor to ________________ diseases.
  2. Computers help architects to design __________ of buildings.
  3. _________ is known as the brain of computer.
  4. ______________ helps us to play games with the stick.

Q3. Write the names of the following pictures words given in the box below:-(3)      [speakers,  printer,   joystick ]

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Q4. Answer the following questions:- (any one ) (2)

  1. Name any three places where computers are used.
  2. Name any three peripheral devices used by a computer.


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